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The Talon Trilogy: The Green Mage Volume One


The Green Mage: The First Chronicle of Tessia Dragonqueen (Madville, 2023)

The Green Mage is a tale in the finest of sword and sorcery tradition—a hero’s journey told through the eyes of the mage.

Norbert Oldfoot is a simple mage who makes his living traveling the Bekla River Road, selling trade goods, performing healing magic, and singing traditional songs of heroes. He becomes friends with Kerttu, a coppersmith who has developed a new alloy which is perfect for manufacturing swords. When Kerttu is kidnapped by the evil Wizard Ludek, Kerttu’s teenage daughter Tessia, a skilled hunter, recruits three friends, including Norbert, and sets out on a quest to find a legendary dragon who lives in the mountains. With the help of the dragon, Tessia plans to save her father. Little do they know that in order to save Kerttu, they will first have to save the kingdom.

The Talon Trilogy: The Green Mage Volume One (Madville, 2023)

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Fantasy / Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-956440-18-8 paperback $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-956440-19-5 ebook $9.99

March 2023

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